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Work Christmas breakup parties and Covid

Work Christmas breakup parties and Covid

Before the party


COVID Safe Plan – is a must

Make sure you have HR policies in place that address issues that may occur at a Christmas party, such as harassment (including sexual harassment), work health and safety and responsible provision of alcohol  If possible, organise to have the party off-site from your office

Consider having an alcohol-free function

If you are going to serve alcohol, make sure there is a responsible serving policy in place

Make sure responsible managers are aware of relevant policies (alcohol, substance abuse, harassment, etc.)

Appoint responsible managers to supervise and give them clear authority to act if they see inappropriate behaviour

Check that your insurance policies cover the type of function you’re planning – if not, make a decision about whether or not you should go ahead with the function

Send out an all-staff email reminding everyone of their responsibilities at the party, outlining what behaviour is acceptable and not acceptable

Make it clear to staff that post-party activities are on their own time and the company does not endorse any activities that happen after finishing time


On the day/night of the party 


Have a clear start and finish time for the party – don’t make the finish time too late

Place time limits on the supply of alcohol

Provide plenty of food and soft drink

Make sure the appointed supervising staff/managers actively prevent excessive drinking and inappropriate behaviour

Use taxis, shuttles, public transport and/or non-drinking drivers to make sure everyone gets home safely after the party


If something goes wrong 

If someone gets too intoxicated, send them home safely straight away

If supervising managers are aware of inappropriate behaviour, take immediate steps to stop the behaviour

Follow your relevant policies and procedures carefully

Take disciplinary action in accordance with your discipline and termination policies and procedures

Don’t sweep incidents under the carpet and hope that they go away!

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